Watch-opnik Pt. 2

A few months ago, I decided to pick up an Omega Speedster Racing. While I love the watch and wear it nearly daily, another has since caught my eye, but has proven rather difficult to acquire...

Back in March, the biggest watch trade show in the world happened, Baselworld, where each of the major manufacturers unveiled their latest, greatest models. This year was no different with Omega releasing their new Speedmaster 57 line, which is sublime. Rolex updated their most iconic model, the Daytona as well as re-introduced a model that had been discontinued a few years earlier, the AirKing. Since laying eyes on the initial press photos back in march, I have deeply lusted for this watch. Unlike most manufacturers, Rolex has a very very tight control on product sales. The latest models initially only appear in Rolex Boutiques (there are only 12 in the country) and slowly trickle out to their dealers. As a result, the new models may take anywhere from 18-24 months before they may show up in smaller jewelers. After calling around to dozens of stores, I have sourced one, and it should be here on Friday.


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