Watch Some Awesome British People Make an Insanely Cool Mini

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Seriously, these guys are crazy. But good crazy, because most people would shy away from dropping a Toyota Celica GT-Four drivetrain into an old Mini. Not these guys. And they call it (JC Pause) Project Binky.


These guys, more specifically Nik Blackhurst and Richard Brunning, run Bad Obsession Motorsport out of Shropshire England. From looking around their website, they do tuning, fabrication, and other cool stuff. Oh and of course awesome custom projects. Besides Project Binky, they've done another (much less crazy) Mini, a Ford Anglia restoration, and a RWD Peugeot 206, so they've got some solid experience under their belts.

This is their goal for Project Binky:

Take one rotten 1980 Mini 1000 and one Toyota Celica GT-Four and use all their guile, cunning and skill to graft them together to create a Frankenstein's monster of a car.


I like the sound of that.

They're documenting the whole project in classy twentyish minute videos. They popped up in the recommended section of my YouTube page and I watched all of them last night. Initially, I thought that it would be a somewhat straightforward project, but I couldn't be further off. The amount of fabrication, grinding, and welding they've done so far is ridiculous and taken quite a long time, but the results so far are awesome. There's also some lovely, quirky British humor throughout the series which is a welcome element. Listening to them just talking about what they're doing would be a lot less entertaining.


Anyway, check out their whole project here. It'll make you want to go tear apart your car and jam a Veyron drivetrain in it or something. And if anyone on here is nearby their place, stop in and give them a shoutout from us here on Oppo.

Photo from Bad Obsession Motorsport

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