Watch some slowboats battle it out on the 1/4! *Panther Content*

Woo hoo! Legal racing!

This was at a track meet that my site put on this april, we had over 20 cars show up and we all had a fantastic time. This all took place at Englishtown's Raceway Park. We're actually having another meet this November before the season ends. I'm hoping to hit mid 12's this time out.

First up, my 04 Marauder vs my friends 91 LTD Crown Vic wagon (aka the Battle Wagon).


Marauder (13.915 @ 99.49): JLT Intake, Stainless Works Longtubes, 4.10 gears, billet control arms, Xcal3 tune from alternative auto.

LTD(16.312 @ 82.82): (I might get some of this wrong) HO upper/lower intake, E6 heads with 1.7 rockers, Mustang headers into a 2.5" H pipe, B&M shift kit. Factory engine/trans/rear with 250k miles on it. (Can't kill this car, we tried, by accident)

Next up, two marauders battle it out. I believe the silver is a 2004, most silvers are 2004's. The black one is my friend and Co-admin's 03.

Silver (13.309 @ 104.84) - Procharger P1SC

Black (13.727 @ 98.87) - SW LT's, 2.5" H pipe into factory 2 1/4" over axles, 4.10 gears, 3000 stall, underdrives, accufab TB, dyno tuned just around 300rwhp.

Next up, 1996 impala SS vs 1995 Grand Marquis LS, in a race to show why Ford was an asshole in this era. Ford really had nothing to compete with the SS at this time, let alone a regular LT1 B body. The SS is also owned by a guy who is on my site with a 03 marauder, but that is his DD, and this was one of his toys.


1996 Impala SS (14.316 @ 101.46) - Trickflow heads, 1.6 rockers, comp cam, Tri Y headers, 3" exhaust, 3.73 gears, 3500 stall, and a TON of other shit. This car ran 12.8's on slicks, best of the day on street tires was a 13.5.

1995 Grand Marquis LS (16.769 @83.85) - stock except for a dual exhaust

Here we have a 2004 crown vic sport vs a 2003 marauder

Marauder (14.486 @ 97.12) - JLT Intake, Alternative Auto Xcal3 tune

Crown Vic (14.876 @ 92.77) - Marauder airbox, 80mm MAF, 70mm TB, Kooks midlength headers, full 2.5" offroad exhaust, 3.73 L/S rear.

Here we have a 2003 marauder with a trilogy supercharger (basically an eaton M112) vs a stock 2000 crown vic P71


Marauder (13.650 @ 103.32) - Trilogy supercharger, otherwise stock on junk ass stock 245 BFG tires. Owner told me he couldn't hook for crap and I have no reason to doubt that!

P71 (16.541 @81.89) - stock

Hopefully we get even more cars at our upcoming meet in November. Since the April meet, I put an Eaton M112 on my car so it should be good for mid 12's now. my Co-Admin is doing the same to his black marauder though, so its going to be a close race. Will I have what it takes to be the fastest panther at the meet? I fucking hope so, but only time will tell!


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