I know a lot of you like watches, so I was hoping you might be able to give me some advice. I just graduated from high school, and figured I would treat myself (also because I don’t have a nice dressy watch anymore). Anyways, here are some criteria I have concerning your suggestions. For the record, I was thinking about the Tag Heuer Formula 1 Chronograph 42mm.

  1. It can’t cost more than $2,000. That’s just too much money to spend on a watch.
  2. It shouldn’t be bulky. In other words, not this:


  1. The band material can’t be rubber. I’m sure it is easier to maintain, but I don’t think it looks right on a nice watch.
  2. It should obviously look sleek/sexy. I like clean designs. The Tag Heuer I show above is close to my maximum limit.

I think that’s it. Any suggestions from you people?


Yesterday I saw a Polaris Slingshot. Interesting little thing.