While mentioning the WRX nameplate may indeed conjure up images of DC shoes and cargo shorts, I stand as a living testament that not all Subie guys are mouth breathing nimrods.

There's more to the Subaru scene than flat brims and stance bros.

It was with that annoying(and sadly often accurate) stereotype in mind that I set about planning a shoot that would show the WRX in a different light. That ended up being quite literally what we were able to do thanks to the thick pre-dawn fog in the mountains above Malibu.

I've learned a-lot since making this film, hard to believe it's nearly a year old now. My techniques and equipment have progressed, I've done a multitude of other projects with cars that are far more interesting to the general public. But for some reason I keep coming back to "Dawn Patrol" and loving it every time I watch it.

If you're a regular reader of TRLD then you know my Subaru currently resides in Vermont under the care of my father while I'm on my German journey with the S4. I will be headed east for the Jalopnik Film Festival next month and plan to head up to VT for a couple days prior.


If anyone wants to bring their vehicle up to drive some really fun country roads I will have my camera equipment with me and will be shooting footage for Dawn Patrol II. Doesn't have to be a Subaru, just has to be clean and simple.

Andrew Maness writes about cars because he has one and also has a computer. He's been known to drunkenly Tweet as @thisnicelife and upload photos to@theroadlessdriven. He also has a YouTube Channel and thinks talking about himself in the 3rd person is really weird but knows it's necessary if he wants to be taken seriously as an Oppo contributor.