Dropped by the Ducati speed shop here in town yesterday afternoon- Just as they were rolling a new V4 Panigale into the dyno booth.

They had just added a $7000(!) pipe to it, replacing the stock exhaust.

First off- the SOUND is amazing. Melt your face off epic.

Secondly- it’s a beast. At about 5500 ft in elevation where we are, it registered 197 hp at the wheel. They are saying it’s about 5% loss at this elevation- so probably right at 206 hp at the wheel....!!!

Brian, the shop’s owner, who’s tight with Ducati corporate, just got back from Laguna seca where they are playing around with a few v4's there. Apparently, according to some racers there, it’s essentially a GP bike with blinkers. To get a stock one ready to race, “you just have to paint a number on it.”


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