Watched some of an old episode of TopGear

Series 6, Episode 4, It’s the episode where they get their mums to try the Renault Modus, Honda Jazz (Fit in North America) and the Peugeot 1007.

It got me thinking. I see the Honda Jazz all the time, I used to see the Renault Modus all the time (no longer made) and rarely but still see them occasionally.


The Peugeot however I rarely saw new and haven’t seen one for a long while now.

TopGear slated the 1007 as too heavy, too slow and the sliding door will get boring quickly as it’s too slow (also that it doesn’t open enough for easy access to the rear seats).

But I sort of like it as a two occupant vehicle for city use.


Yes there is good legroom in the back, if you don’t mind losing some in the front.


Like the Mk2 Renault Twingo, the rear seats can slide forward and back, at the cost of boot space.


But getting past all that, drop the rear seats and use it all for luggage. I like the sliding doors but would use them manually rather than electrically (as it’s slow, granted not too slow).

Here’s one that will get the Americans (other than Miss Mercedes that is, as she knows the power of a small car).


A Peugeot 1007 with a tow bar.

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