Not bad, but something struck me while I was watching it. Definite spoilers within.

It was a generally alright film, and definitely the best Superman film yet, but it fell prey to one of the most unthinking hollywood tropes I know of.

Remember when Zod and Dur'el were having the conversation in the scout ship, and Dur'el's main issue with Zod's plans was that it involved genocide of the human race.

Then, later on, when Superman confronts Zod on the same scout ship, Zod states 'if you destroy this ship you destroy Krypton' or words to that effect.

Does Superman stop and think 'that would be a horrific thing to do, wiping out an entire race of people'. No, he laser-eyes the whole place without a second's thought. Nice genocidal act there Superman. Don't worry, it's not evil if it's aliens.

Dangerous thing to preach, especially for someone as morally upright as Superman.