Watching Bathurst 1000km (starting very soon)*

*in the U.S.

*Welp* as usual, the States loses out on one of the greatest spectacles in racing, the Bathhurst 1000km (I blame Dump).


Anyway, I know my fellow Oppos will find a way to watch. So I figured I post some critical information so you can plan accordingly.

1) which channel that we won’t get broadcast it?

2) Wait, how do I convert that start time?


3) Hold on buddy, I have Motorsport TV on my Sling subscription so I can watch it that way without turning on my VPN, right?

NOPE. While Motorsport TV is carrying the race live, their broadcast is only available in the UK (and most likely the rest of Europe). You’ll have to be a deplorable like the rest of us and figure it out on your computer.

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