Mako Shark 1 for your time.

Still cold, after 2 sets of swimming lessons, and and end of season basketball tournament, we still have had time to watch Jaws2 and Jaws 3. I remember enjoying #2 and loving #3 as a kid. My boys 8 and 11 have seen the original half a dozen times, it’s a beloved movie in our house. They had been bugging me to get a hold of the sequels, which I deemed not worth owning a hard copy of, as they’d cycle onto Netfix eventually.


They came up, and GODDAMN they’re awful. I found myself cheering for the Shark to just eat the teenagers so Roy Scheider could move onto stealth helicopters (also not as good as I remember, but not terrible). Jaws is an amazing film in the sense being one of VERY few 70's films that will hold the attention of post-smartphone newfangled children. It’s masterful filmaking, and not seeing the shark is what makes it. The Jaws2 shark looks exactly like the one from the Universal studios trolley tour from the 80's. and my boys pointed out that “those teenagers are just stupid” “now I know why Marty Mcfly said the shark still looks fake”

here’s Roy Scheider,  Lorraine Gary, and the boom mike that my small children even noticed.    Senor Spielbergo would not approve.  (not the only appearance of the boom mike in this movie)

I can’t think of another franchise that dropped off so much in quality. These B-flicks are forgotten now and we only remember Jaws.

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