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Both my original Arnie Seiko and my old Seiko dress watch died this fall, and my family bought me a watch for Christmas. It was a Citizen and, while a nice watch, it wasn’t me. So I returned it and used the cash to buy this, a Seiko 7s26-0020 200m diver.

Illustration for article titled Watchlopnik

I really knew very little about the watch when I bought it. I just liked the way it looked. I was surprised when I ordered it from Amazon and it shipped from London. When I set it, I realized that I could have the day of the week in either English or Arabic. I opted for English. I also didn’t realize until I got it that it is automatic, or self-winding. I probably would have gone with something quartz if I had been paying attention, since it gains about a minute a day. I believe that has something to do with its automatic-ness. I’ll also never have to buy a battery. But I’m okay with adjusting it each morning. 

Interestingly, I’ve found very little information about this model. Did I buy a knockoff?

Anyway, I like it.

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