As a graduation/ new career present to myself, I picked up this 41mm “Bond” Seamaster Pro Automatic on eBay. Reference number 2531.80, Serial Number 80xxx indicates production year of 2001. The watch is coming from Japan from seller closer0924. If anyone is looking for a used Swiss, they do a ton of business and have a nice selection. They do an excellent job of indicating the condition of their watches and provide a grading system/breakdown for the grade. The watch is in great shape for its age, yet (thankfully) appears unmolested. It has a nice patina which adds some character. The only downside is that the bracelet is sized for a tiny wrist and comes without additional links. That being said, the watch was priced accordingly as a result. It doesn’t bother me much though, as I was planning to put it on a leather band anyways. Heres to hoping it doesn’t get held up too long in customs. Pics below: