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My Father-In-Law has been helping us with a bunch of house renovation work and I wanted to do something nice for him by buying him a new watch. Nothing fancy, just know his current watch is beat to shit and recently stopped running (identical to watch pictured below) -

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Learning that his old man requirements are making it a bit more challenging than I thought, along with the features I’d like to be able to give him in his new watch (given that he likes mechanics, techy things, etc.) Breaking out (his) needs vs (my) wants, if the oppo watch community has any suggestions:

 NEEDS (his):

- Silver casing with gold accents

- Metal stretchy strap (sigh)

- Numbers on the dial, not just markings

- Illuminated hands/backlight

- A bit on the larger side, 40-43mm would be good

NEEDS (mine):

- Decent watch brand (Citizen, Seiko, etc.), instead of fashion brand (CK, Fossil, etc.)


- Less than $200 price

- Water resistant


- Interesting movement: automatic, solar, etc.

- Chronograph functions (a timer could actually be really handy for him)

- Scratch resistant bezel (know sapphire is probably out of this price range, but there may be other options?)


These combinations are becoming really tough to find something within. I know it won’t be anything particularly nice, which is fine since he’s not a fancy guy and will mostly be wearing it around running errands, building things, etc. Just need something a bit nicer than his broken Timex.

Also open to just buying an expansion strap separately and fitting it on to a watch that comes with a different strap, as long as a fit exists.

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