Watchlopnik: Oppo, Help Me Find A New Watch

Above is my current special-occasion watch by Fossil, and I really like it. I have a small wrist (a bit exaggerated by the picture, but nonetheless small.) so I don’t really do big-headed watches.


This Ironman triathlon is my daily driver for work and such; the best running watch money can buy. Though, I’ve probably gone through about 5 of these in the last 10 years because the plastic keeps deteriorating from all the miles I put them through.

But Anyways, I’m Looking for a New Special Watch. Can You Help?

I don’t really know the market that well, so I’m turing to you guys.

I’m looking for a special watch that has a smaller head, is motoring-inspired (or just really nice), with a leather strap. I hate the metal chain link stuff.


Carbon fiber would be cool, but whatever.

I’ve seen the Autodromo Stradale watches, but the head looks too big. I guess I’m willing to spend up to a grand, but I’d like to keep it down... depends on how cool the watch is, ultimately.


I have some brand attachment from Tag Heuer... I guess...

I’m pretty much lost about it all, can you tell?

...Apple Watch?

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