We had Christmas a few days early since we will all be traveling different directions this year. I lost my favorite daily-wear Casio, so my family bought me a new daily-wear watch with a lot more functionality.

It’s a Samsung Gear S3. They selected this one because it connects to both iOS and Android devices, making it a little more flexible. I’m still digging into all of the capabilities, but the first thing I did was grab a few cool watch faces.


I tried to catch Snoopy’s lights being lit up, but I’m just too slow on the shutter.

As I said, I’m still exploring functionality, but I’ve found that it does a good job of replicating notifications that come across my phone. That’s the best thing so far. I tend to miss calls because I usually don’t feel the phone vibrating in my pocket. My jeans aren’t skinny enough to transfer the vibrations.


It also seems to track movement well and the heart rate monitor is pretty neat. The data can be transferred to Strava if you’re into that kind of thing, but Strava hasn’t implemented full S3 support as yet. It does have its own GPS functionality, so it can capture positional data, report its location if it’s lost, and even alert 911 with your location if it’s needed. With a built-in speaker and microphone, it can also go full Dick Tracy, allowing me to answer calls on my wrist.

They say the battery lasts up to 4 days. I’m sure I’ll put that claim to the test. My biggest concern is how rugged the watch is (or isn’t). I live in the south and often work outside. Even though they say it’s water and dust resistant (IP68 + MIL-STD-810G), there are some warnings in the user manual that give me pause. At least their advertising materials include splashes in the ocean and it receiving a call in an aquarium. That should be good, right?


It looks like it’s going to be a fun toy for my wrist, but I don’t expect it to fully replace my other watches. I guess it depends on how diligent I am about keeping it recharged!

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