...I don’t have photos yet.

I get the watch delivered next week.

I found the watch online and I’m not 100% sure that I’ll keep it since the case diameter and thickness are a bit more than I’d normally go for, which is around 40mm diameter and 10-12mm thickness.


Bascially, my quartz Timex stopped working - the battery is fresh and the Indiglo backlight works, but it no longer ticks at all. Not sure if it can be fixed or if it’s worth fixing.

My two other quartz watches have dead batteries (or may have died altogether), but are also knockoffs: a Chanel J12 and a Cartier something.

That leaves me with two automatics which I don’t always wear, a blue Patek Fauxlippe which I love because of it’s thin profile and works well with suits/dress shirts, and a Tissot Le Locle which I love and don’t wear daily mainly because it’s special to me. It’s the first watch I bought with my own money, bought in Paris, and always brings back good memories.

So, I ended up looking for a quartz watch that can go a while without being worn and that I won’t need to set the time on. However, it ain’t just a regular quartz watch, it’s a solar watch with world time and Bluetooth. It’s not a true smartwatch, but the Bluetooth is for automatic time adjustments and other neat features.


It kind of goes against what I normally want in watches, which is a pure mechanical movement, fewer complications, and a simple face. However, I don’t and have never owned a chunky chronograph-type watch so this is probably as close as I’ll get. More to come next week when I actually get it:

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