Toby ate my watch band the other day. This is why I don’t spend more than $70 on a watch. I’m no watch collector. I honestly don’t understand how some watches can cost thousands of dollars, and I’m too afraid to ask. I still have the case, so I could buy new bands if I wanted to, or make it a time piece. Or just buy a new watch.

I never initially considered an Applewatch. Most of the reasoning is the cost, and the anxiety of having a very high tech/fragile thing on my wrist. I discovered I have a decent amount of Verizon credit, so acquiring an Applewatch through them will actually be cheap. If I do their two month payment plan, it comes to about $12-20/ month. I don’t even know where to look or compare between the versions. 3rd gen? 4th gen? Do I need the Nike version? Will my fat fingers even work on the screen? Do I even want a smart watch to tell me how unhealthy I am? No idea.


My other option is to find another mid-priced watch. I’m thinking anywhere from $75-$120. I am a simple, but picky watch guy. I like it to be a dark theme, mostly black. Rubber/silicone watch band because I sweat a lot, and have had bad experiences with cloth/leather bands. I don’t like the complex looking faces like Breitling. For reference, my previous watch was a Diesel Watch. Found it on a random site for $65.

I had my eye on Swatch. Their black watches look sharp, simple, and right in my price range. The case size is smaller than the Diesel I wore previously, but that’s not a deal breaker. I don’t know anything about the brand, so I can’t confirm quality or reliability.


What do you guys think? Cough up the dough and become part of the smartwatch trend? Or settle and stay analog?

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