Water heater down!

Ye not so olde water heater went from a drip out the relief to a steady stream this evening, which meant my plans changed. The house was built in 2012 with an el cheapo 3- year hot water heater that has never been right from the beginning. The temp/pressure relief valve was replaced twice under warranty, and then once again by me later on. Each time it would be better (but never completely drip free) for awhile before returning to its usual. I never could get them to replace the entire hot water heater under warranty. Because you see the issue as you walk in the front door, I was planning to have it replaced this week anyway before the house lists on the market on Friday. Instead it choose tonight to give it up.


Both Lowe’s and Home Despot quoted me around $400 to install (just for installation!) a new hot water heater in the next couple of days, to which I said, “how hard could it be?” It turns out not very. I closed the gas and water supply valves, started the tank draining, and got to work disconnecting everything. I even managed to get the old tank down out of the closet by myself.

The racecar supervised. It said I should’ve waited until I had helper tomorrow to remove the old tank, but I over ruled its objection. I’ll pickup a new tank from Home Despot in the morning, and a friend is going to come over and give me a hand putting it in. A 6-year warranty tank will have to do for the next owner of the house, because that’s all I’m buying.


I guess tomorrow’s shower will have to either be cold or wait until later in the day. The fact that it choose to give it up during my weekend isn’t the worst thing time it could’ve happened.

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