My in-laws have a place on a tiny little lake in Michigan. It’s big enough for wake boarding etc but it’s just one up and back. We go up once or twice per summer. They have a pontoon boat, I bought a canoe and a couple kayaks as the lake has a bunch of little off chutes that you can explore with smaller boats.

I was thinking about a little sunfish/laser sailboat. I haven’t sailed since my scouting days, but I could handle a small boat for sure. I came across this seemly cool larger sailboat but it’s a good bit more than I planned on spending...I also don’t know what I’m talking about, that was purely “ooo that looks cool and is significantly cheaper than I would have guessed.”


Which brings me to my next thought...

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I’d be going used and looking to spend 3k or less, that realistic?


House is on the lake with a garage where I would be storing said watercraft. I could “hand wheel” a trailer to the water. I’m not afraid of turning a wrench on a marine engine, however the number of wrenches at this house is from 0 to not enough...Obviously that could change too, but it’s not a small amount of tools I’d need to feel comfortable tearing apart a marine engine.


So oppo, take sips pinky out on the sailboat, or go full Kyle on a jetski (or much more likely, a waverunner)?

If sailboat is your answer, what is are some good resources for purchasing a used one? I’m not having much luck..

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