So yesterday was the day that Watson finally put on his big boy pants and decided to stop throwing fits(for the moment at least). I've posted about this car before, it's my buddy's 280Zx that he decided needed to turn into a drift missile. He wanted to turn this rust bucket into something special and ridiculous, and I kinda tagged along for the ride. Neither of us had done engine work inside the block before this project and definitely learned a ton along the way.

I know you're probably wanting to hear what all has been done, so here's a list!

-Rebuilt from the ground up
-NA pistons and head
-NA instake manifold
-"Super 60" Turbo(supposedly, definitely bigger than a stock L28ET one)
-Janky garage made intercooler piping
-Old Supra FMIC

Supporting mods
-3 row aluminum radiator
-2 big e-fans
-Fuel cell with Walbro 255 pump
-Welded diff
-Megasquirt w/spark control

There's been a lot of issues since this project got started and he finally threw a crank angle sensor on there instead of the optical trigger that was in the distributor and the timing issues we'd been chasing cleared up, reset the valve lash a bit tighter on Sunday morning and the top end noise quieted down, and now it's time to start dealing with all the little things.


We took it out yesterday to get a bit of tuning in(the maps were fubar'd from chasing timing/fuel delivery issues) and got the cruise mostly dialed in as well as a pretty safe setup for on boost until it can make it on the dyno(hopefully next week). Let me just say that this thing is actually kind of scary fast, I'm not sure if it's due to the exposed sharp metal everywhere, the seats that aren't fully mounted, the seatbelts that are noncommittal, or the sheer power of it all(lulz).

Anyways, you can see in the video that it is definitely a special car and I can't wait to get this thing tuned and go have some fun!