Hello there, Billionaire Waymoe here. You may have been hearings of the news that Waymoe is the owner of Waymo which is not Waymoe but actually Waymo (Waymoe knows it is confusing, Waymoe dont care because Waymoe got the money).

Waymo is the newest venture of Google and there self-driving cars. Waymoe was not sure of the business potential of self-driving cars because if the cars drive themselves, who are you supposed to get a ride with. Waymoe ignored the issues with Waymo and continued to pitch the idea to Google. Google liked Waymoes Waymo idea and gave Waymo $500 billion of which Waymoe got half.


After the first round of funding secured by Waymoe for Waymo, Waymoe decided it is best to model Waymoe after his idol Bruce Waynemo. Waynemo Enterprises (for those who dont know) is the cover of Batman, aka Bruce Waynemo. Now that Waymoe was a billionarie owner of Waymo, Waymoe could finally turn Waymo into a truly Waymoe worthy venture.

By taking Regular cars and removing the driver, Waymoe has revolutionized the car industry. Each car now costs $100k less for Waymo to produce because they no longer have to manufacture a driver for each car. The cars drive themselves. Waymoe owes Waymo to the Jalopnik crew, for which Waymo is dedicated. Waymoe would go into more detail about Waymo but the other shareholders (Bill Gates, Donald Rumsfield, Mrs Waymoe Sr., and the younger brother from Stand By Me) would not be happy.

Please do not give up hope. Waymoe has shown that youre dreams are only dreams if you dream them. Go an live your dreams. Get that high interest loan to buy a 15 year old rusted Miata, take on another destroyed beater that your’e totally gonna fix. Ask that girl out even though you’ve never said hello to her before. dont let your dreams be dreams. Let them be Waymo.

Waymoe is love, Waymo is life.

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