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Waymoe, Esq pt 2

Hello there Waymoe Esq here,

I am takings a look at the newest news being newsed out of the news cycel about Nicholas “St Nick” Denton and Gawker.com


It is appear that Gawker ceased opporations on Monday, which is good because then no one can say you have a case of the mondays even though the staff has to get a new job it will be on tuesday and no one has ever had a case of the tuesdays.

Major witness and testimoneymaker AJ Delaurio was spotted climbing into a portajohn to take more pictures of shitty assholes, as the company photo had to be cancelled. It is Waymoes legally professional opinon that this is OK (news worthy). AJ had previously told a judge that he would have released a 4 year olds sex tap, which is not good as society is only interested in sex taps that are less than 1 years old. He also saids to a girl that was filmed in a public restroom (which is covered under privacy laws) having sex that she should just keep quiet. Waymoe Esq says OBJECTION! to that and it is sustained.

Nick Dental is being paid almost $200k dollars a year by Univision (spanish for College Vision) to not make a competing website. That is a lot of dollars, especially since the maximum legal amount you can pay someone is 401k (thats what Waymoes company offers him, but he took $8.50/hr instead). Nick will be fine, he has many moneys hidden in Hungary accounts under his Univision name, Nìck Déntón.

Waymoe feels badly for the employees who were not involved but if the internet taught him anything it is that they are nazis and nazis are not good even the ones who didnt want to be nazis but ended up being nazis anyway. Hopeflly the good ones get a job on tuesday and the rest end up with a terminal case of the mondays.


Closing arguments - Waymoe is love. Waymoe is life.

Never Forget

(Hulk Hogan again ripping apart the color barrier)

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