Hello and hi to you. I am waymoe and this is my test drive review series and today I will be test drive reviewing the Honda Insight which is a car so it meets the criteria. This was a Zipcar which means I did not have to ruin a salesmans day by not buying anything and then crashing into traffic.

This is what the inside looks like.

As you can tell it is a car made for the future. A future where gasoline is expensive but not so expensive that you buy a Leaf or learn to walk so it is the perfect niche car for now.

Interior 5/9

The layout of the car is very good but if you dont have arms I would not buy it as everything is far away from your shoulders which would make it hard for even the mightiest of creatures, the T Rex, to drive it let alone set the radio station to Lite FM.


The seats are comfortable and made of foam so they do not hurt like a park bench does. There wasnt a center console which is annoying, unless you dont have arms then it isnt an issue, but storage was obviously lacking so I had to keep my capri suns in my lap. There is a glove box which was big enough for many gloves or other documentation and a little square opening next to it for keeping small square things like your moms dildo in it.

Exterior 16.5/baseball

The car was red like my passion for burning ferraris! It looked like a CR-Z and a Prius had a baby and then that baby decided to build a Honda Insight. There is a black bar directly in your line of seeing out the back so it is hard to not run over children so just remember that the next time you are scoping out a slumber party in Alabama.


Mechanicals */%

The Honda Insight shares many things with formula 1 cars like KERS, red paint, and many dials. The engine is of some size that doesnt really matter because its a Honda Insight and you have better things to worry about. Pedal feel is fine unless you dont haev feet then you cant feel anything so who cares even if you are a race car man you dont need pedal feel because it is a honda insight. Acceleration is smooth until you stop, then it is nothing. The car has stop-start technology which is good because when I stop at lights I like to be able to move again, stop-stop technology would not have been a good thing to make. There is an electric motor in the car that helps boost you when you are slow or something like KERs in forumla 1 except it always works which means it is not Hamiltons car. MPG is better than expected mainly because I use Kilometers and math is hard.

Overall I give this car a potato/18 because it got me places for cheap and I didnt have to lie to anyone to be able to drive it around. I did drift the car around a turn when it understored and then I had to power through it with a j turning hand brake so that was cool though.