1) Random picture of Arnold Schwartzenegger, check 2) They use the singular "I" to refer to the business and have .com in its name, check 3) Their logo would look better on a 1996 No Fear shirt than a website, check 4) No physical address listed, check 5) Frequent grammatical and syntax errors, check 6) A Better Business Bureau logo on the site but not actually appearing on the BBB's online search engine, check 7) Working by appointment only, check 8) Any mention of "trained" technicians, most of whom are ASE-certified, check 9) Child support is one of the considerations of financing, check 10) If they have this abomination of a Craiglist ad with no pictures of the car actually listed, with these tags:

11) Two of the seven application questions ask this, check


12) Offering only 2007+ model year cars for people with bad credit, check

13) If your ad uses more texting abbreviations than a 13-year-old girl, check

14) Using the phrase "cash under the table" in your ad for any reason at all, check


15) Your ad features multiple cars as well as different locations in which the pictures were taken, check

Well, I know where I'm going for my next car. Link: http://www.indy400.com/