Wayward Subie

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My son’s girlfriend asked if she could buy it, and I said no. She drives a beat-ass, shitty pickup that is approximately 10,000 years old, gulps gas, and breaks down frequently. It is so shitty even farscythe would be disgusted. She is a broke college student working her way through school on her own because her family has no money.  Her family is nice, bit simply unable to help her.  


So I told him she can have it as a gift. I am going to put new tires on it for her, and the last couple of small repairs that were outstanding. But it has a new head gasket AND timing belt, as you Oppos may recall.  It is mechanically sound.  At least she has a proper shitbox now, as farscythe might say, that will get her around reliably.  She needs the car more than I need the few bucks it would get me.  

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