If you drive enough miles in a short amount of time, Waze will take you off their scoreboard and strip you of your rank. It happened to me just last month, after logging over 3500 miles in the span of about four days.

My co-driver Aaron Brown and I traveled a shit-ton. Our starting point was New York, the morning of Christmas eve, and we had traveled all the way to Monterey, CA, arriving sometime the next evening.

After a long weekend of exploring Northern California, running a track day at Laguna Seca, and throwing even more miles at my Fiesta ST so we could get to Los Angeles, I found a little surprise waiting for me in my email inbox:


I used the enclosed link to contact Waze in hopes of getting some kind of explanation for this error, but have since received no replies.

Luckily for me, I can still use the app to navigate and report things on the road. However, I cannot make map edits, my rank is displayed as zero, and I can’t compare my score to friends on the scoreboard.


Waze, if you’re reading this, please reinstate my shit.