I'm a car guy. More specifically I'm a car guy with limited financial resources and an affinity for older machinery. This means I do my own work. Older machinery has old bolts. Old bolts need penetrant. My go to used to be a trusty can of WD40. The same stuff my dad used and his dad. I get a warm fuzzy feeling of nostalgia every time I catch a whiff of the magical secret formula that was developed way back in 1953.

The can used to come with a little red straw taped to the side that I would inevitably misplace, but life went on without it. It was merely a slight inconvenience and only when I needed the straw for tight places.


Recently (not that recently) however WD40 introduced what they call the Smart Straw®. I'm not totally sure what they mean my this. It's a wretched bedeviling device that turns what used to be a simple point and squirt task into a wrestling match between man and can that ends in frustration. What happened to just picking up the can and using it? I have to adjust the stupid "SmartStraw" every time I reach for the can.

What's the purpose of this? I hate it. I have bought one can of this design and trying to find the sweet spot where it will actually spray out was frustrating enought for me to look for other options.

I like WD40 products, and I know I could just buy it by the gallon and fill a squirt bottle but I want the old can design back. Am I crazy for hating this "Smart" design?

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