Here are mine. Feel free to confess on the comments.

  1. Tailgating on the left lane if I can’t pass the moron doing 5 under on the right.
  2. Sometimes I overtake people on the bus lane if I can’t pass on the right.
  3. 0 to speed limit as fast as possible on some lights.
  4. Honking at every idiot who tries to go into my lane without a blinker
  5. Getting obscenely angry at the people that go into the EZ-Pass lane on the Toll-booth to pay with money.
  6. Going above and beyond to not let busses and trucks get in front of me.
  7. Honking and being aggressive at the people who do not understand how roundabouts work
  8. Honking almost instantly at people who sit on green lights.
  9. Using the sunroof to flip people (my favourite)
  10. Speeding responsibly

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