Of all the cars that could use vents, this is the one you toss the most obvious fake vents on. I feel like we are at the awkward “High Definition/Uncanny Valley” transition in design. Like how 1080p is extremely off putting to view so now we need to wait for design to hit 4k in order to clarify the field depth without exaggerating motion. Every car looks like a computer generated image even in the actual pictures. Nothing looks natural any more!

I’m done until 2020, excuse my language but fuck the MY 2016-2020 design generation. I know everyone is working hard to create great designs but it’s very obvious that designers are heavily leaning on computers over their pens. I’m saying this as a composer because it was very obvious when I started hearing music composed mostly on computer rather than at an actual instrument.

But music moved on and is growing again with the new tool taking it to places it could have never reached before. I think design is going to skyrocket once we get out of this trench. We’ll be better once we get through this, but right now I feel like I’m getting sporked in the eye by someone that would be very attractive if they would stop sporking me!