Would love to post a picture, but since Kinja hates me, I can’t. Let me try:

See? Didn’t work. F you, Kinja.

Anyway, I had asked for help searching for cars at various pricepoints, and then my wife and I narrowed our favorites down to the Golf R and Audi S3. Fortune (or debt) shined upon us as we found a really nice 2015 Audi S3 at the local MB dealer, looking very similar to this one.

Only 28k on the clock and the only options are Panther Black Crystal paint, Nav and Driver Assist. Would’ve preferred the performance package, but what’re ya gonna do? Also nabbed a pretty good deal, I think - paid $28k for the S3, they allowed $16.5k for my 2014 BRZ on trade. Every other S3 with similar miles in the country seemed to be in the $33-35k neighborhood.

The car is an absolute hoot to drive, and was well-covered by Tripper in his review. Looking forward to many miles of smiles! :D