So on Friday April 18th, my wife texted me and said "Buy this for me (I mean us)" with a link to a 2002 M3 6mt in Laguna Seca Blue. Having always drooled over them everytime I saw one, my response was "Don't tempt me! I might just do it." Fast forward a little over a week, and the car is now ours, and is my new daily driver. (Anyone want to buy a '97 328is with a salvage title?)

Having always wanted an LSB E46 M3, when we saw this one with decently low mileage (92k) and very good maintenance records (including a brand new clutch/tob & fuel pump, along with a lot of other stuff), we jumped all over it. However, we were pretty sure it was going to be difficult to get a loan for a 12 year old car with almost 100k on it. Little did we know, it was fairly easy and painless. I was approved online, no questions asked, by PenFed. At 2.49%. We were only partially serious about getting the car to begin with, primarily because we were skeptical anyone would finance the car. But now that we got financing, it was game on. Having just put quite a bit of money into the car in maintenance, the seller was pretty firm on the price. We still got what we thought was a good deal, and with all of the maintenance he did, it should be good to go for quite a while.

So on to the details.

2002 LSB E46, 6MT, grey leather interior. Harmon Kardon Stereo. Overall the car is in super good shape, the interior needs a little work, but I may swap all that over to black in the future anyways. I like the E9X wheels on it, but I think it needs a drop. That will probably be one of the first mods, along with removing the chicken wire front grille and putting in an OEM one.

Quick Impressions: Haven't driven it a whole lot yet (just picked it up Monday), but I'll say it's every bit as fun as our E90 M3 was, even if it doesn't have as much power. It does feel more raw and unrefined, but I like that. Seems to handle well, but I don't get to experience that too much on my 3 mile commute to work. I'll post again in a few months when I've been able to drive it more.