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We can't leave any cat food out because one of our cats is having teeth pulled in the morning (MEOWUPDATED)

Our cat Sophia is having teeth pulled in the morning. So of course Jade and Oliver, the two cats who are fine to eat, are lined up waiting for food all innocent like. Oliver the Siamese kept yowling at me for food so I snuck him some when the girls weren’t around.

Bonus Oliver belly rub photo!



I’m actually surprised how well that went. All three cats were a little on edge and more vocal than normal because they couldn’t have any food, but at the same time, none of them went crazy running around or otherwise raising hell. It mostly consisted of intentionally pathetic meowing and more lining up in their respective spots along the mat where we put the food bowls.


This morning all three of them were circling around begging, which made my wife and I feel very guilty because we’re total suckers for our cats in particular and animals in general, but we stayed the course and scooped up Sophia to bring her to the vet. Oliver and Jade disappeared for a bit after they saw the cat carrier, but after I put out the food...


If you’re curious why they’re on opposite ends of the mat, Sophia’s spot is in the middle. This is Sophia.

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