We Did It! We bought a Chrysler Crossfire!

Clickbait dog is clickbait dog!

We did it! We bought a Chrysler Crossfire. One like this, our car still at the dealer but the online-ad is already offline.


Dealer was very nice and open about the typicel rust issues, but we have budget left to fix that.

Driving was amazing. Smooth power delivery and shifting (automatic, because mother), well maintained wipers (little hint if the original seller cared about his car, was equipped with standard radio as well, another hint and I don’t like looks of aftermarket radios). All the gimmicks worked.


It has just 85k on the clock and I managed to squeeze in new winter tires (actual were almost done) in the tight deal (similar models are a tad cheaper but with almost double the miles.) It’ll get a new safety and emissions inspection as well which is mandatory every two years. So I can be sure everything safety related is in good working order, no bushings, bearings or wheel bearings are something alike is done or worn out too much. I have also 1 year warranty.

Car will be the commuter car for my mother when she retires in two years (she visits Britanny at least three times a year, so after retirement she’ll need an additional long distance cruiser which gets her out at destination more relaxed than at starting point after the almost 700 miles and 10 hours of driving). Eyeing a Mercedes CL600 Facelift. We try to find a cherry at the point of deepest depreciation and keep it mint (or bring it back to) until it’s a searched after classic. Accounts for both cars of course. Otherwise it would be impossible for us to afford such two cars).


Until retirement the Crossfire will be the weekender and my/our fun car. I find it pretty quick for a just 218 hp (0-60mph in 6.4s, limitited to 155mph). Yes, the tranny needs a second to find the right gear but overtaking on b-roads is no problem at all.

Now I look forward to drive it about 700 miles to Britanny in three weeks for a three week vacation. Dunno yet where to put my 5mm full wet suit because of the tiny trunk.


Just had the first (hard) surfing lessons this summer, and hope to learn to read the waves better and manage to fully pop-up. Hope to get up to 10 days in the water (refurbishment in the house is also on the to-do-list, so I don’t expect too much.)

Sorry for bragging but it had to do it somewhere and my friends in Germany are all asleep, it’s 1:00 a.m. here now.


Poor little Bettie the Beagle will have to sit between the legs of the passenger for the journey (thanks god she likes that.)

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