On that new 2018 2250RK. Sales rep was awesome, manager was great. Finance guy, well, I don’t have a lot of faith in him right now.

He called this morning, said email over pay stubs and come in tonight. So we did. He hadn’t even read my email to submit the stubs. Now he’s saying we should get all these other stips and bring them in tomorrow. Okay, why didn’t he say that before? Wasted trip to Loveland and back in rush hour. He was rather flighty and couldn’t make up his mind about what we did and didn’t need to do. Then he pushes delivery to Saturday, cutting our vacation a day short.

My wife ain’t happy. I ain’t happy. He knows that now. He stepped out to chat with his manager, comes back and says Friday is back on.

Oh and he’s out of the office tomorrow.

I’m home now and taking my aggressions out on cheap beer and there’s a salmon filet on the smoker.