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It was a great year! I’ll write some notes on each car down below. What was the best car you drove all year?

Dodge Challenger Hellcat Redeye Widebody: Long name for a big car! I just loved this thing. It’s like a rocket couch. Makes muscle car noises all the time and it’s just DELICIOUS to slam the go-pedal down. Made me laugh like a child

1974 Ford Pinto Wagon: This is a contender for the best car of the year for me, honestly. A fun history lesson in where subcompacts came from! It had a 2.3L I4 making 85-ish hp and a 4-speed. Actually pretty fun to drive and I was very impressed by the ride quality.


1985 Mazda RX-7 Turbo: This is Flavien’s famous RX-7! I had the chance to drive it in Japan on some mountain roads. Just a very well-balanced car and so much fun to drive. Love the sound and the way it looks.

McLaren 720S Spider: An all-out rocketship. I’d be comfortable calling it the fastest non-hybrid supercar of 2019. Honestly, spent more time worrying about the insane value of it than actually driving it.

1974 MG MGB: I loved this thing! I drove it on a 1,000-km classic car rally and had an absolute blast with it. I have actually never driven a small sports car other than Alex’s 1968 Datsun before this and I came away impressed. Slow, pokey, soulful and enjoyable.

Chevrolet Corvette Z06: An absolute maniac of a car. It has a power-to-weight ratio similar to the Redeye but drives 100% different. It’s skittish, nervous, and scary to drive. I was all over the road under power. Chevy has some chassis tuning to do on this one and frankly I can not BELIEVE that they gave the ZR1 100 more hp.


1997 Lada Niva: My first eastern bloc car! Owned by a friend of mine. It was actually nice to drive. A refreshing honesty throughout the car. We took it mildly off roading and it held its own.

1981 Suzuki Wolf: This 50cc beast is also owned by Flavien and it was the first motorcycle I have ever ridden! It makes fun two-stroke noises and honestly a great first bike to buzz around in.


“Toyota” Supra: One of the most hyped cars of 2019. I wouldn’t say the BEST car of 2019 but a good one nonetheless. Makes good noises, looks good, and drives well. Not an all-out winner in my books. 

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