We drive Kanawauke road in New York, Harriman State Park!

UPDATE: Feel free to email us driveasphalt@gmail.com if you want to join us for a drive sometime!

Hello Opponauts! The weather here has been typically spring, raining and then sunshine (sunning?). Although somewhat inconvenient, when the sun does come out it is just fantastic as you'll see below. And I know you're all craving more of that Abarth exhaust.

Kanawauke road is not the most twisty road we've ever been on, but the road surface is extremely smooth and it is just a flat out beautiful drive.

If you watched our last video, County Road 106, is just on the other side of the roundabout from Kanawauke road, so you could drive both at the same time. Stay tuned for our next video as we have one more from Harriman State Park coming up!


You can check out County Road 106 here.

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