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We Drove The VLF Rocket Speedster And Can The LA Auto Show Be Over Please?

Like many of my colleagues did, I could’ve spent the past week in Los Angeles covering the auto show and the unending stream of new car unveils that seem to go on there. I didn’t.

Instead I decided to hold down the fort from home, here in Canada, while I sent a half-dozen reporters there to cover it for me. Been there twice, done it, don’t feel the need to go back.


My writers have done a great job providing coverage, but it still takes an editor – me – to put it all together and get it up on the website. And, God, it just never seems to end.

It was in the midst of proofreading one new-car debut after another that one of my writers poked me about the drive report he’d sent me, sitting in my inbox. “A little birdie told me the VLF Rocket Speedster will be on The Grand Tour,” he texted.

“Great,” I replied, mentally failing to put together that for many car enthusiasts, that show was debuting that night. (We don’t get it until December in Canada.)

The break I just took to finally post his impressions on the thing was more than welcome, and the article will hopefully wind up on the screens of the Clarkson-Hammond-May fans who over the past 24 hours may have suddenly come up with a whole bunch of questions about the Rocket Speedster.


How to describe VLF’s take on the Mustang? Well—“it’s for people who want a really big steak.” Fisker’s words, not mine.


That’s the link to the article above, if you want more. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve another six or seven crossover unveils to wrap up. Oy.

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