FINALLY!! After an entire year, we finally have had the source of the problem discovered by the shop. And seriously, it’s not what you’d think the problem would have been. No one could have guessed it, the forum couldn’t figure it out either. It hurts my head to fathom the massive reality of the matter..

Are ya ready for what it was?? Get ready! It was........

A bad electrical contact.

(Pic of fuse box from last summer)

Yep!! it was a bad electrical contact. the fuses for the fuse box were corroded after 40 years, and they weren’t giving power to the main box, the CDI box that essentially controls the ignition. When I had checked the CDI box for voltage and resistance, I got 0v and 0 ohms from it, but never bothered to check if it was related to any fuses...I checked the ignition, the fuel injectors, changed the spark plugs, and never would have guessed this was the problem.


Its kinda ironic. The first thing I fixed on my 944 were some blown fuses, of course fuses would be the cause of the problems on our 911.

But that’s not all! There’s also a fuel leak on top of the motor, and also, the fuel injectors have wrong seals on them by the last shop, so we’re getting new seals put on the injectors tomorrow! An oil change will be done as well.


Finally, one of the calipers is locked up which explains the lackluster braking from last year, but it probably needs pads and rotors all around, so there’s that. I’ll be tackling the pads on the 944 sooner or later as well. Once the car is safe to test drive, then we’ll know if there’s anything else that needs to be done.

All in all, kinda dumbfounded, but happy that some REAL progress has been made. :)


Oh, and I’ll be fixing that damn taillight.