The caldina is my mates new car, and it had a horrific misfire and temperature issues.

our other mates were jumping to conclusions and freaking out that it was a head gasket or worse. I came to the conclusion that the miss under load was probably a fuelling and timing advance issue and the ECU thought it was cold, so it was throwing fuel at it and taking heaps of timing out.

Luckily, a ST195 caldina happens to share the engine with my ST202 Corona Exiv, so we pinched the ECU temp sensor from my car, swapped it with the caldina one and all is well! It runs great. And the Caldina sensor in the Corona works... Perfect. Weird. My car is Frankenstein or something.

Conveniently enough, on our road trip we have 3 cars going with identical engines, wheelbases and basic drivetrains.


The plan is to take parts out of the Corona to fix the caldina, and parts from the Celica to fix the Corona.