And a lot of blowing and drifting. Since the snow at the edge of the driveway is pretty close to 4 feet high, when the wind blew things drifted just about level with that. It was interesting getting the driveway opened up on Saturday. Here is a picture showing how deep the snow was relative to my tractor. I wasn't actually stuck and was in the middle of the driveway, not trying to drive through the yard. The tractor is a John Deere 2305 with a 47" snow blower on the front.

The county was driving around with these (internet pic, not mine) trying to keep roads open. They were mostly successful, I only heard of one road being officially closed. Though I'm sure a lot of the minor back roads were practically closed if not officially closed.


I would imagine they will be out with the blowers for the next few days getting the roads back to full width. Driving to dinner last night there were several sections of road that were down to barely wide enough for two cars, and a spot or two where I'm pretty sure you couldn't get two cars through. And since the banks in those spots are 6-7 feet high the plows aren't able to push them back. So they use really big snow blowers. The trucks actually have two engines, one to drive the truck and one to run the blower. Plus the rear axle can be angled to help keep the truck pushed in to the snow bank.

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