If your Ford had a Matthew McConaughey, it would be a Lincoln

We got a new Silverado to replace our old faithful 297k mile 2008 Silverado on it's original 4L60E

Like the old Silverado, it does not have cruise control(which is bull.) Unlike the old Silverado, it has no center console storage or XM. They went through the trouble to give it a large touch screen, but they couldn’t give it XM or spend the $5 to give it cruise? That really is unacceptable(we drive 45-50k a year in these trucks.) The 4.3, even though it is completely different, still sounds fantastically awful. At least in this it will get out of it’s own way.

On top of that, and being hideous, it’s not awful. It drives better than the 2018 Ram we have(though that is a significantly better truck), and the mirrors are absolutely fantastic, a strong departure from the 2008.


Another note, it gets 4mpg worse than our V6 Ram. Chevy, you cheap bastards, at least give it the 8 speed. Hopefully tomorrow I will get to drive our Colorado that we replaced our 2009 Silverado with.

Looks like I got a V8 at the right time.

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