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We got another Dog

A sheltie to be precise. Her name is Wing Gundam; Wing for short. Ten internet points if you know the reference. She’s a year and four months old.

The kicker is our other pets. Below you will see Zeta Gundam, who we just call Zeta. She’s five years old. She is coming along to be the alpha dog, despite being shorter and fluffier than Wing. And she’s louder too.

We also have a cat, Gryps. She was named after the mining asteroid in Z Gundam. She’s six years old.


Yeah, we name our pets after Gundam related stuff. It’s like a reoccurring joke. And it’s amusing when MrsZtp gets upset with Zeta and yells “Zeta Gundam!”


Also, Zeta is being annoyingly hilarious. Wing got ‘too close’ to Zeta’s carrot, to which Zeta went ballistic. Zeta lost interest in the carrot a while ago and it was just sitting on the ground, collecting dust. Heaven forbid if another dog approaches her precious carrot that she wasn’t using!

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