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Last month an on demand scooter rental company launched in Pittsburgh. I know other cities like San Francisco and probably places in Europe and Asia already have these, but these are awesome for a place like Pittsburgh that has terrible public transportation and crazy geography.

Setting up the rental is all done through an app on your phone and what I think is pretty cool, unlike something like ZipCar or most bike share rentals, you can leave these parked in any legal parking spot for free and you don’t have to return it to the exact spot you got it from.


As for the electric scooters, I was pleasantly surprised with the acceleration and handling. These top out around 35mph but they get there decently quick, even zipping up Pittsburgh’s steep streets well enough and they have a 30 mile range. The other thing I liked about it was no clutch(obviously). I’ve had my motorcycle license for 5 years now and I still hate riding in the city between the traffic, potholes and hills, so its nice to just be able to twist the throttle and go. It did take a little getting used to bicycle style brakes, I kept pushing down with my right foot expecting to find the rear brake.

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