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We had a rough night.

About 5 minutes after I shot this video, it started raining twice as hard — four 4 hours. In our neighborhood and a little further east, it rained 2 inches in two hours. My yard was completely flooded and couldn’t hold any water, so the water just starting rushing towards the house.


We had about 7" of standing water against the back door. The rain is so loud we can’t even hear each other yell standing five feet apart...

So, we get to work. Gravel, shovels, buckets, trenches, makeshift dams, sandbags, and lots of “woe is I.” I was outside until about 9pm.


Damage: stream of water from under the basement stairs that conveniently rain directly into the drain. Small puddle on north side where the garden couldn’t handle the water. Medium puddle on west side where the front garden was obliterated. Puddle in attic from when the wind started blowing hard.

It could be worse.

Testimonials on Next Door and Facebook have some of our neighbors with as much as TWO FEET of standing water in the basement. Several people had less water but main lines become clogged, filling their basement with brown water. One guy said he had just put up new drywall last week in attempt finally finish his basement. Brutal. Ours is unfinished, thank goodness.


So as bad as it was, I think we made out okay. Saw my neighbor digging a trench around his entire house this morning, so I bet he had problems, too.

That was my evening. I have a great wife. And I suppose compared to other people, the house did... okay.

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