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We have lost our damn minds.

On Mother’s Day, a military veteran in his 60s was arrested for impeding a cop helping code enforcement cite an open restaurant. 24 hours before, a multiple felon released from jail on our zero bail coronavirus rule stole a Honda and got in a high speed chase through a residential neighborhood. On arrest, he tried to bite a cop. A police dog bit him instead.


Today, a city council member was cited for assaulting a protester who showed up at his apartment.


Today, I accepted a pro bono case representing a jiu jitsu studio cited for being open. I would prefer people use due process and hearings as a civil way to address their grievances.


I don’t know what the answer is, but something has to give, and soon. If I wanted this shit, I would move to Florida. I think Jules can explain what I would like to communicate.

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