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The VehiCROSS has decent tread on its tires, but I wouldn’t say it has good tires. Yesterday with about 3 inches of unplowed snow and non-functional 4wd, it was fishtailing its way down the street. To that end, I’ve done what I always do: buy a set of BF Goodrich All Terrain KO2s.

The largest size that fits the truck without any lift or cutting is about a 32" tire, so I went with a 265/75/16...that gives me a 31.6" height, or an inch taller than stock. They’ll go on white letters out, because white letters out or get the fuck out, and then I’ll plastidip the wheels black because I really liked that look on the Land Cruiser.


Now I just have to ship the guitar I sold to pay for them and I’ll be mint.

*Update* If anybody is interested, 4WheelParts.com has these on sale. $100 off a set of four, plus they’re paying your sales tax on BFG tires. Just thought I’d add that in there, this set was $650 shipped, which is a pretty great price. 

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