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We have TWO doggos now!!

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Yesterday my brothers and I went hiking at Old Mans cave, on the way home Dad texted us to pick up dog food. Didn’t think anything of it as we suspected the cats were on one of their “cat food boycotts” (sometimes they refuse the cat food and it usually means they want dog food 🤷‍♂️). Anyways we get home and are greeted by two puppies! The younger one looks to be maybe a year old? The older one is a little older but still I’d say a puppy. Apparently right after we left yesterday morning someone rolled up and dumped the puppies in front of our house and took off. Mom and Dad took them in, washed them in flea soap and gave them collars. They are sooo energetic that the above was the only picture I could get of them both that wasn’t blurry (and it still is lol). The general reaction of the cats is shock. I hunk they are offended that we would allow these intruders. No names yet. Will update on names and such.


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