We Lost More than an Enthusiast

The beauty of being an enthusiast ultimately lies in the close bonds we develop amongst each other. Sure, we may argue to no end about whether the merits of a RWD, diesel, manual, brown wagon, but we all come together for the love of cars.

I've developed some great friendships as a result of cars.

It also makes it all the more difficult to accept the loss of a fellow enthusiast. A friend.


On Monday September 22, after complaining of not feeling well and encouragement from his wife Kris, Harry sought treatment from the Landsdowne hospital and was admitted into the hospital. Harry wasn't feeling well, but he was sitting up in the hospital bed, joking with friends, and looking well. The following day, tests and physical exams showed that Harry was much more sick than anyone thought. On Tuesday evening he was flown from the Landsdowne hospital to the Georgetown University Medical Center's Critical Care Center.

Upon admittance into Georgetown, Harry's family was informed that Harry had a severe infection that led to Sepsis that had quickly turned into Septic shock and his organs began to fail. Harry is currently in a medically induced coma, on life support and fighting for his life.

Unfortunately, after fighting extremely hard, Harry passed this Sunday morning.

It's so difficult for me to sum up who Harry was to me, let alone the community as a whole. He was, by far, one of the kindest, most supportive, and genuinely caring individuals I've have the absolute joy of meeting. I remember detailing his car a few months ago... Upon inspection and payment, he didn't ask me how much I'd charge him, but rather how much I needed. That level of generosity and care was, at the time, really difficult for me to process. I'd never met anyone who was so ready to give.


Beyond that, he was a pillar to all of us in the local Volkswagen community. For many of us, he even sold us our beloved cars. He was always fun, smiling, and hugely supportive at local meets and events. He managed to light up the whole room, or, in this case, the entire parking lot.


We all just expected to see him again, rolling on up to a meet, smiling and laughing with us again. It's a struggle knowing that wont happen. He will be very sorely missed by us all.

He is survived by a wife and two daughters.

Our local community set up a donations page when he first fell ill. The support was overwhelming.


Unfortunately, we all still have a huge way to go in order to support his family through this tough time. Even if you can't contribute directly, love, support, and care are all greatly appreciated.


I'd be lying if I said I wasn't teary eyed after writing this.

All photo credits to Nick Bottini at Alles Gute Designs

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