I think the last gen Mustang WAS pretty much the last muscle car: Big motor, small car, RWD, cheap/basic. The outgoing GT fit that mold: 3600lbs, 400+ hp, RWD(and a solid axle), and could be had close to 30k. The Challenger is too big to be a muscle car. The Camaro is closer, but still heavier and more $$.

"Advanced Muscle Car," to me at least, is an oxymoron.

Some want to call the new Mustang a sports car, but I've always read "sport car" and thought of a smaller car that handles, more than likely a 2 seater, has a well matched motor....a Mazda Miata, an older 911, a S2000.

And no, "Pony Car" just doesn't do it either. A term that encapsulates the New GT, the ZL1, the GT500, the SRT8s, the Camaro SS...

In America we need to define stuff. There needs to be another word for a car that's not really a muscle car but isn't really a sports car either. Maybe there is and I'm just missing it?