Remember this? Remember what a big hit it was? Why don’t we have one for FWD? I know that FWD is akin to some sort of voodoo magic - for decades people tried all sorts of workarounds to get a FWD setup to work. Everyone from Cord to Cadillac to Audi tried longitudinal mounts with what’s essentially the front half of an AWD setup, resulting in all the complexity and power loss of a RWD setup and kind of defeating the purpose. I know Mini actually had a pretty trick setup with the oil pan to put the diff dead-center for equal-length halfshafts, but apparently that was too expensive and complicated for a real viable affordable car. And then one day Fiat said, fuck it, we’re doing unequal-length half-shafts and apparently it works good enough for daily driving to the point where it’s what every car has now. I want to understand how they get away with that though, or what the big deal is. I went back to this thing and it doesn’t explain the magic at all. If unequal-length shafts aren’t such a big deal after all why did people go through so much trouble to avoid them until deciding it’s not a problem? Also how does the Focus RS work? Is it tacked onto a regular Focus FWD setup or do they go with equal-length shafts? Or is the AWD torque vectoring system smart enough to not need equal-length shafts?